TTSMaker User Guide

Introduction Welcome to the TTSMaker User Guide! TTSMaker is a free text to speech website that allows you to convert your text into spoken words in various languages, with multiple voice types for each language. You can easily adjust speech rate, volume, and pitch to create the perfect audio for your needs. Plus, the generated … Read more

A Short Story Shared by TTSMaker User Letters – 03


With the user’s authorized consent, we are pleased to share and edit the following letter from the user. I am a university teacher, and recently I needed to convert two textbooks into audio lectures. I searched for a reliable text-to-speech software online and found TTSMaker. I was impressed by the quality of the sound and … Read more

A short story shared by TTSMaker user letters

Product User Story: Creating Hebrew-Based Bible Study Materials I’m an author working on Hebrew-based Bible study materials to help more people study the Bible through text-to-speech technology. However, I searched for many similar products, and rarely saw support for this language, or it was very expensive. Finally, I found TTSMaker, a free online text-to-speech tool … Read more

Les 4 meilleurs outils en ligne de conversion texte-voix en 2023 (version mise à jour)

Dans notre vie trépidante, les outils de conversion texte-voix peuvent vous faire gagner du temps et de l’énergie, surtout lors du traitement de gros volumes de documents, de courriels, de comptes rendus de réunion et de plans de cours. C’est pourquoi nous recommandons spécialement l’outil en ligne de conversion texte-voix gratuit le plus puissant actuellement … Read more

How to convert text to speech online for free

Text-to-speech, also commonly known as speech synthesis, is a technology that converts text information into speech output. This technology can be implemented through computer software or hardware, such as using a text to speech converter, which can convert text to speech output and play it through speakers or headphones. Speech synthesis technology has applications in … Read more

How to Learn a foreign language using free Text-to-Speech (TTS) online tools

If you’re looking to learn a new language, one tool that can be incredibly helpful is a text-to-speech (TTS) maker. These online platforms allow you to input text and have it automatically converted into speech in a variety of languages. One example of a free TTS tool is TTSMaker. This website allows you to input … Read more