Limit 8000 characters per week, remaining available 8000 characters.

TTSMaker is a free text-to-speech tool that provides speech synthesis services, supports multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese... and a variety of voice styles, you can use it reads text and e-books aloud, and can also download synthesized audio files. This TTS tool can convert text to speech online, which is very convenient and free forever.

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Quick Tutorial

  • 1

    Enter text

    Enter the text that needs to be converted into speech, the free limit is 8000 characters per week.

  • 2

    Select language and voice

    Choose the language for the text and your preferred voice style, each language has multiple voice styles.

  • 3

    Convert Text to Speech

    Click the "Convert to Speech" button to start converting the text to speech, which may take a few minutes, longer texts will take longer. To adjust the speaking rate and volume, you can click the "More Settings" button.

  • 4

    Listen and download

    After the text is converted to speech, you can listen to it online or download the audio file.


Fast speech synthesis

Text-to-speech can be converted in a short time.

Free forever

We continue to maintain it and you will never be charged.

More voices and options

We are constantly updating this text-to-speech tool to support more languages and voices.


If you encounter any problems during use, you can send us an email and we will reply you as soon as possible.

"I love TTSMaker, I love meaningful things, I love this TTS tool, I have complete creative freedom..."


TTSMaker is an online text-to-speech tool that can convert text to audio, and you can play or download audio files.
First enter the text, then select the language and voice type, and finally do the conversion.
Yes, you can use the audio files for any purpose, as long as it does not violate local laws.
You can contact us by email, or leave us a message.