Conversion History

For user privacy, all conversion history is valid for 30 minutes and is only stored and viewable in the current browser.

Upgrade to Pro for 24-hour record storage, unlimited downloads, and VIP speed priority.

View your temporary conversion history here.

No history records found in the past 30 minutes.


TTSMaker conversion history is what you previously converted from text to speech. It can be used to view and redownload previously generated audio files.
For the sake of user privacy, all user conversion records have a validity period of only 30 minutes, allowing users to download the files to their local devices within that time.
Conversion records are stored in the cache of the user's browser to ensure user privacy and data security.
You can find the "History" or "Conversion History" link on TTSMaker's main page, and clicking on it will allow you to view your conversion history.
TTSMaker's conversion history doesn't have a storage limit, but it automatically deletes expired content to make space for new ones.
There are two possible reasons. Firstly, your conversion records may have expired and were automatically deleted by the system. Secondly, you may not have performed any conversions yet. You can return to the homepage to perform text-to-speech conversions and then refresh the current page.