How to convert text to speech online for free

Text-to-speech, also commonly known as speech synthesis, is a technology that converts text information into speech output. This technology can be implemented through computer software or hardware, such as using a text to speech converter, which can convert text to speech output and play it through speakers or headphones. Speech synthesis technology has applications in many fields, such as computer navigation, barrier-free information services, voice-assisted technology, etc.

There are many text-to-speech tools on the Internet, but most of them are charged and have a character limit. TTSMaker is a free online speech synthesis tool that can help you convert text into speech.

It is very simple to use TTSMaker, you only need to enter text on the website, then select the language you need, and then choose the voice type you like. In addition, TTSMaker also provides voice adjustment function, you can adjust the speed, intonation and volume, let the voice It is more suitable for your needs. After the text is converted into voice, you can save the voice file locally for future use.

In short, TTSMaker is a very practical online speech synthesis tool. It's free, easy to use, and helps you convert text to speech.

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