2022 Free text-to-speech tutorial, the effect is similar to real voice

How can we convert text to speech for free in 2022? TTSMaker is here to help you achieve this.

What is TTSMaker?

TTSMaker is a free text to speech tool that provides speech synthesis services, supports multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese... and a variety of voice styles, you can use it reads text and e-books aloud, and can also download synthesized audio files. This TTS tool can convert text to speech online, which is very convenient and free forever.

The specific operation steps of text-to-speech are as follows:

Step1. Enter text or paste text

Enter the text content you need to convert, or paste it from other places, and put it into the text area marked in the figure below.

It should be noted that different voices support different text lengths for word conversion. For example, the voice numbered 2001 can only support the input and conversion of a maximum of 1200 characters at a time, and the voice numbered 666 can support more than 16,000 characters. For character conversion, you can choose different voices and get different length support according to your needs.

Step 2. Check that the language of the input text matches the language of the voice

For example, in the tutorial picture, we need to keep the input text consistent with the corresponding language. If we only need to convert English into speech, we don’t need to change the configuration here. If we need to convert other languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese, etc. Language, we need to select the corresponding language.

It should be noted that if the input language is inconsistent with the selected language, the conversion may fail.

Step3. Choose your favorite voice

In this step, you can choose your favorite sound, we provide a lot of sounds.

It is worth noting that before conversion, you can listen to the sample sound by playing it to understand the characteristics of this sound.

Step 4. Enter the picture verification code, and click to start conversion

Enter the verification code, you need to identify the numbers or characters in the picture (the verification code is added to prevent robot behavior).

Then click the one-click conversion button to start the conversion. It should be noted that the waiting time for conversion is related to the length of the text. For example, a text with 4000 characters takes longer than a text with 1000 characters, but most of them only need Complete conversion within 3-10s.

Step 5. Conversion is successful, download the sound file

After the conversion is complete, you can listen to the returned sound files, either automatically or manually.
Click the download button to download the sound file.

More advanced settings

If you need more advanced settings, you can click More Settings to set more parameters before conversion.
For example, you can choose the audio file format to return, such as mp3, wav and more formats.
You can also adjust the speech rate, adjust the volume and other settings.

How to get help?

This tutorial is over here, if you need more help, you can send us an email, we will reply as soon as possible and help you as much as possible after receiving the email.